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Non-Magnetic MRI Detachable Footrest for 18" and 20" Wide Chairs

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MRI Non-Magnetic Detachable Footrest for 18" and 20" Wide Chairs, featuring easy attachment, versatility, and a user-centric design for comfort and support.
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Non-Magnetic MRI Replacement Footrest for 18" and 20" Wide Wheelchairs

These non-magnetic MRI footrests are constructed entirely of non-ferrous materials. They are specifically suited for use in MRI rooms. All materials including fasteners are either non-ferrous materials or special polymers.

MR Conditional to 7 Tesla

Pin Space: 3" Standard, 5/16" Pin Hole

Type: Detachable swing-away footrests

Fits: 18" wide and 20" wide Stainless Steel Wheelchairs.

Comes complete with heel loops.

Note: Determine Left or Right when sitting in wheelchair.

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