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Wedge Wheelchair Cushions

Wedge are made for users who need an angled seat cushion. These wedge are slanted for abetter alignment according to user needs.


Wedge are the perfect, inexpensive solution for everything from properly aligning your body to making a long distance car ride more comfortable, and lifting you up a bit to see better in the process.

Why Pick The Wedge Cushion

Well there are a variety of reasons to pick the wedge cushion. For one depending on your job and or what you do all day, if it is sitting down you need to maintain a proper posture which will also allow for better breathing support and keep you from having spinal problems down the road.

Wedge Cushion Features

This seat cushion helps prevent users from sliding forward. It comes with ties in the back side of the cushion so that it can be tied onto the the back of whatever chair, seat, or couch you have it on, making sure it stays in one place no matter what.

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