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Urethane Wheelchair Armrest

Urethane Armrests provide the comfort of padded armrests. Urethane Armrests are extra durable for anyone worried about the armrests getting torn or damaged.

Urethane Armrests
Our Urethane Wheelchair Armrests  are comfortable, durable, and perfect to be used as a long lasting wheelchair armrest. Urethane armrests have specific hole spacing so you need to make sure that it is going to work in your wheelchair. If you need any help finding the right size armrest for your wheelchair do not hesitate to call our friendly customer service. These armrests fit many different styles and brands of wheelchairs as long as it has the right hole spacing's. Urethane armrests are truly the best style of any wheelchair arm rest that you can get. There amazing durability will outlast any other armrest and well as be comfortable for anyone. We recommend this style of armrest for any style of chair and for most personal preference choices.

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