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Wheelchair Front Rigging

We supply front rigging footrests & parts for almost all wheelchairs. We do our best to supply parts for all wheelchairs, making us your one stop part shop.

Front Rigging Footrests & Parts

We supply complete footrests as well as individual footrest parts, even footrest accessories. This means we can help you with any kind of wheelchair footrest problem you may be having. If you're trying to figure out the exact footrest you need, it depends on your pin spacing and the pin hole. If your having trouble finding exactly what you need our wheelchair parts request form is sure to help.

Bringing you many different options when it comes to front rigging legrests & parts. We offer complete legrests as well as every last part and accessories.

Front Rigging Legrests & Parts

Our huge variety if different legrests allow for versatility on different wheelchairs. We make it easy to change the style of you wheelchair just in our legrest section alone. This is great for anyone making any kind of changes on the leg rests of their wheelchair and will help with the process significantly. We brake our front rigging legrests down into parts allowing for customization in sections of the legrests themselves.

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