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Eggcrate Wheelchair Cushions

Egg Crate Cushions are a great way to get a little extra comfort out of your sitting experience. Egg Crate Cushions help provide extra support for you.

Egg Crate Cushions

The Egg Crate Cushion is the most cost effective way to get a great boost of extra support for your wheelchair. With the lowly priced egg crate cushion you can make a more comfortable seat and or back for your wheelchair. The egg crate cushion comes in different sizes and thickness. We also offer egg crate cushions with a back support for a very low extra cost, which means you get double the material for a fraction of the price. They also work very well for a soundproofing material. We can take custom sizes and dimensions upon request by calling our toll free customer service at 1-800-328-5343.

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