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Wheelchair Bearing Assemblies

We supply hundreds of individual bearings, even entire bearing assemblies. Our bearing assemblies supply everything you need for a full bearing replacement.

Bearing Assemblies
Here at we take great pride in the ability to get almost any wheelchair part you need. Our bearing section is one of our most effective when it comes to that statement. We can supply you with each individual bearing you see in our assembly kits but you can also the entire package at an even greater discount. There are many different bearing assemblies out there and the kind that you need depends on the type of wheelchair that you have. Different wheelchairs require different bearings. If you don't already know the bearing assemblies you need, he easiest way to figure it out would be to figure out your wheelchairs serial number and give our friendly customer service a call. Don't be frustrated if you can't find your wheelchair's serial number we have other options. You can fill out a parts request form and fax or email it to us and we will be glad to help from there.

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