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Anti-Rollback Device for 22"-24" Wide Wheelchair

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Anti-Rollback Device for 22"-24" Wide Wheelchair: Ensure stability and safety. Prevents rolling back on inclines, enhancing confidence and mobility.
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Anti-Rollback Device for 22"-24" Wide Wheelchair

This patented device is the industry standard for thousands of facilities nationwide.The device works completely by spring tension. A padded lever beneath the seat is depressed when the occupant is seated. This lever is connected to a pair of stainless steel brake arms that are held just off the surface of the rear tires.

As the occupant begins to lift weight from the seat, the spring force causes the lever to rotate upward; in turn, the brake arms rotate down to engage the tires. The greater the rearward force on the chair, the greater the braking power.

The design is discreet and blends into the chair to become a dignified, non-punitive fall intervention. Heavy seat cushions are not a problem because each anti-rollback device includes an easy-to-install kit that compensates for the additional cushion weight. The chair can be collapsed for transport or storage.
A 9 volt battery is included.


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