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Adaptive Wheelchair Seats

We're showing you the Adaptive Wheelchair seats that you need. We know adaptive seating and we'll help you get the hardware that you need.

Adaptive Wheelchair Seats
There are many different reasons you may need new Adaptive Wheelchair Seats. You might want to try different positioning for more comfort & support or you may have gotten a different adaptive seating chair that requires a tune up. Either way is here to help. We have many different sizes of all of our Adaptive Wheelchair Seats as it is very specific to the user and can be hard to guesstimate what they need. We've made comparing easy by giving you the measurements you need to measure on your previous hardware to figure out what your new hardware needs are. Be sure you know the measurements that we're talking about and that you have the right measurements. If you need any help figuring out the measurements we show you here, please call our friendly customer service.

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