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Toe Loops and Heel Loops

Toe Loops and Heel Loops give you the extra foot support you need on your wheelchair. Toe loops and heel loops will make it so your feet are very supported.

Toe Loops and Heel Loops
Toe loops and Heel loops for your wheelchair is what you are looking for if your trying to find a more supportive and comfortable foot position on your footplate. Putting these toe loops and heel loops into the footplate of your chair is the only solution to keeping your feet from slipping and sliding. We also provide padded heel loops in case you feel like your other loops are too uncomfortable.

Features of Toe Loops and Heel Loops
These loops tie direct on to the footplate of your wheelchair. Heel loops generally will tie on to the 2 prongs sticking out of the back of your footplate. Toe loops either lock with the same 2 prong system, a snap lock system, or a combination of the two. It is very easy to attach these loops but the proper instructions depend on the size & style of the foot plates.

Toe Loops and Heel Loops Style of Accessories
There are many other forms of this type of durability and comfort. We have something like the H-strap Belt for 2 footrests that will ensure you legs won't slide back off the footplates. This is a common accessory for people who do not like and do not use padded leg rests.

Toe Loops and Heel Loops Help
If you have any questions or concerns on a toe loop or heal loop please do not hesitate to call our friendly customer service at 1-800-328-5343. We will be happy to assist your every question and need. Our customer service will even help guide you to the right toe loops & heel loops that will fit on your wheelchair. Our goal is to give you the product you need at the price you want without any hassles along the way.

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