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Wheelchair Bearing for Front Wheels 7/16" ID x 29/32" OD with Flange

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Wheelchair Bearing (7/16x29/32"): Smooth, effortless front wheels. Universal fit. 1" flange for stability. Upgrade your mobility!
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A high-quality bearing explicitly designed for the front wheels of wheelchairs. With a precise measurement of 7/16" inner diameter (ID) and 29/32" outer diameter (OD), this bearing ensures a smooth and effortless rolling motion for enhanced mobility and comfort. Its flange feature adds stability and prevents the bearing from shifting or coming loose during wheelchair usage.

Commonly Fits: N/A

Bearing Size: 7/16" ID x 29/32" OD with 1" Flange

Use a BAS gauge to help measure your bearings
(for SAE sizes only)

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