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Padded Footplate Cover, Color Choice

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Padded Footplate Cover designed for enhanced comfort and protection, crafted with durable, easy-to-clean fabric and a secure fit for various footrests.
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Padded Footplate Cover, Pair

Made for standard size footplates. Adds comfort to cold hard footplate, great for persons not wearing shoes. Simply slide covers over footplates, and hold in place with Velcro strap. Easy attachment and removal.

Side: Sold as Pair, for left and right side
Size: 7" Long x 6 1/2" Wide (fits 7" Long x 6" Wide foot plate, or smaller)
(custom sizes available upon request)
Made With: Naugahyde or Nylon Material, 1" Foam, 1" Velcro Straps (for attaching to wheelchair footplates)
Color: Color Choice

SKU# 196-423 Naugahyde Mauve
SKU# 196-427 Naugahyde Burgundy
SKU# 196-444 Naugahyde Gray
SKU# 196-446 Naugahyde Black
SKU# 196-454 Naugahyde Dark Green
SKU# 196-457 Naugahyde Jade
SKU# 196-464 Naugahyde Light Blue
SKU# 196-467 Naugahyde Dark Blue
SKU# 196-468 Naugahyde Royal Blue
SKU# 196-482 Naugahyde Camel
SKU# 196-483 Naugahyde Nutmeg
SKU# 196-486 Naugahyde Dark Brown
SKU# 196-429 Nylon Red
SKU# 196-448 Nylon Black
SKU# 196-459 Nylon Green
SKU# 196-460 Nylon Royal Blue
SKU# 196-489 Nylon Dark Brown
SKU# 196-493 Nylon White

*Item is for the Pad ONLY, Does NOT include footplate or footrest. Sold in Pairs