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One Arm Drive, Right Hand Drive, 24" Pneumatic Wheels

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One Arm Drive, Right Hand Drive, 24" Pneumatic Wheels are designed for single-arm use with right-hand drive, enhancing wheelchair maneuverability.
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Double Hand Rim, One Arm Drive for Manual Wheelchairs

Drive Hand: Right Hand Drive Control
Tire Type: Pneumatic Tires
Wheel Size: 24" Wheels
Conventional manual wheelchairs have limitations for users lacking the use of one hand or arm. One arm drives offer advantages in various situations and are a cost-effective alternative to power wheelchairs. They are designed for lightweight, folding manual wheelchairs and can be used on both sides. The double hand rim one arm drive is suitable for controlling rear wheels on both sides. It allows straight-line movement by gripping both hand rims in one hand and pushing them simultaneously. Turning the wheelchair requires pushing harder on the appropriate hand rim. There are two styles of double hand rim one arm drive, with the bar type being the most common and featuring a scissor-like mechanism that stays on the wheelchair even when folded.

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