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Medium Butterfly Safety Belt - Upholstery Screw Mount or Solid Backs

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Medium Butterfly Safety Belts - Upholstery Screw Mount or Solid Backs provide secure fastening, these belts ensure safety and comfort with installation options.
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Medium Butterfly Safety Belt

Made with 1 1/2" web, 1 1/2" plastic side-release buckles, and Naugahyde. Attaches to a wheelchair beneath upholstery screws or screws to solid backs. Ideal for patients needing extra support while sitting in a chair. Specify the color of Naugahyde when ordering. Special sizes available.
6 1/2" Wide x 7" Tall
Naugahyde Swatches

SKU# 190-118-23 Naugahyde Mauve
SKU# 190-118-27 Naugahyde Burgundy
SKU# 190-118-44 Naugahyde Gray
SKU# 190-118-46 Naugahyde Black
SKU# 190-118-54 Naugahyde Dark Green
SKU# 190-118-57 Naugahyde Jade
SKU# 190-118-64 Naugahyde Light Blue
SKU# 190-118-67 Naugahyde Dark Blue
SKU# 190-118-68 Naugahyde Royal Blue
SKU# 190-118-82 Naugahyde Camel
SKU# 190-118-83 Naugahyde Nutmeg
SKU# 190-118-86 Naugahyde Dark Brown