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MRI Non-Magnetic 20" Wide Back Upholstery for MRI Wheelchair

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MRI Non-Magnetic 20" Wide Back Upholstery, specifically for MRI Wheelchairs, ensure safe and comfortable seating during medical imaging procedures.
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Non-Magnetic MRI Wheelchair Back Upholstery

This non-magnetic MRI Wheelchair back upholstery is constructed entirely of non-ferrous materials, making it ideal for use in MRI rooms. All materials, including fasteners, are either non-ferrous materials or special polymers.

MR Conditional to 3 Tesla

Our upholstery features heavy-duty naugahyde, 1/4" foam, non-tear inner liner, and includes metal straps for support. All attaching hardware is included with the upholstery.

Stenciled: "MR" Stenciled On Back, In White

Style: Embossed Upholstery

Width: 20" Wide

Depth: 18" Tall

Number Of Holes: 4

Hole Spacing (from top to bottom):
3/4" to 5 1/2" to 5 1/2" to 5 1/2"

Colors: Burgundy, Green

Fits: 20" MRI Compatible Wheelchairs

Color Swatches

Available Colors:


Model# 134-327


Model# 134-350