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Invacare Brake for Detachable Flip Back Arm Wheelchair, Push To Lock, Chrome

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Brake for Detachable Flip-Back Arm Wheelchair, Push To Lock, Chrome: A reliable push-to-lock brake designed specifically for detachable flip-back arm wheelchairs.
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Invacare Bar Mount Wheelchair Brakes

Brand: Invacare
Commonly Fits: Invacare 9000 Topaz, 9000SL/XT/XDT (conventional arms and super low chairs), Careguard, MX, all Tracers before 08/1/03 and Tracer IV before 10/01/03.
Wheelchair Arm Style: Detachable Flip Back Arm Wheelchairs
Locking: Push To Lock
Finish: Chrome
*Determine Right or Left when sitting in the wheelchair.