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Hybrid Elite

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Hybrid Elites, tailored for wheelchairs, provide a combination of comfort and support, offering users enhanced mobility and stability during daily activities.
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Hybrid Elite

It's a ROHO and more. It's a new wheelchair cushion that combines the skin protection and shape matching ability of ROHO DRY FLOATATION® with the stability of Jay® base technology. When you want positioning and stability but need skin protection too—choose ROHO Hybrid Elite!

• Specially designed for ROHO, the Jay contoured foam base accommodates lower extremity and pelvic alignment and control.

• Base allows for easy transferring in and out of the wheelchair.

• Adjustable ROHO DRY FLOATATION cushion insert hydrostatically loads the ischial tuberosities, coccyx, and posterior shelf of the greater trochanters for clients who are at moderate to high risk of breakdown.

• Exclusive cover features a layer of comfort foam that provides a smooth transition from contoured leg troughs to air cushion area.

• Base, air cushion insert, and cover are easy to clean.

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Achieve greater ability to position your client with the ROHO Hybrid Elite cushion. Its customized Jay contoured foam base provides you with the opportunity for both lower extremity and pelvic alignment and control.

Skin Protection

The ROHO Hybrid Elite cushion hydrostatically loads the ischial tuberosities and the posterior shelf of the greater trochanters for those clients who are at high risk of breakdown. Unparalleled in performance, the ROHO cushion insert allows for immersion and envelopment of the client's individual shape. It provides an adjustable, reduced friction and shear environment that can help protect the client from acquiring pressure ulcers from sitting. The dual valve option on the ROHO insert allows for additional customization to match a client's specific shape and symmetry.


The ROHO Hybrid Elite's customized Jay contoured foam base provides improved positioning of the pelvis and lower extremities, enhancing sitting posture. This added stability assists the client in achieving a safer transfer in and out of their wheelchair.


The ROHO HYBRID ELITE Cushion is recommended for clients who:

- are at a moderate to high risk for skin breakdown

- require pelvic and lower extremity positioning

- have difficulty with lower extremity positioning and alignment

- have asymmetrical postures and need front to back or side to side positioning (dual compartment sizes applicable)


Includes: ROHO cushion insert, customized Jay contoured foam base, two-way stretch cover, hand inflation pump, repair kit, and operation instructions

Construction: ROHO cushion insert: flame resistant, neoprene rubber Customized Jay contoured foam base: flame resistant, fluid-resistant closed cell foam

Warranty: 24-month Limited Warranty

Weight Limit: 500 lbs / 225 kg

Medicare Part B Code: K0734/5 requested, Adjustable Skin Protection Wheelchair Cushion

Features and Benefits:

- Adjustable: Cushion insert matches the individual's shape by adjusting the amount of air.

- Washable: Air cushion insert is easily cleaned with soap and water. Cover with encased comfort foam is machine washable. Foam base may be wiped with a damp cloth.

- Repairable: Neoprene rubber cushion insert can be patched or repaired to extend use.

- Fluid Resistant: Customized Jay foam base and ROHO air insert are fluid-resistant.

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