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Heavy Duty, Fluid Resistant Replacement Cover

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Heavy Duty, Fluid Resistant Replacement Covers for wheelchairs provide durable and hygienic solutions, ensuring comfort for users in various environments.
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Heavy Duty, Fluid Resistant Replacement Cover

Water-resistant cover protects cushion from odor and moisture build-up. Two-way stretch material allows for proper immersion into the cushion and "breathes" for added comfort. Easy to clean. Anti-microbial. Moisture vapor permeable.

Available in sizes to fit all standard size ROHO® DRY FLOATATION® seat cushions.

  • SKU# 707-518-22: 12" Wide X 12" Deep (6 cells x 6 cells)
  • SKU# 707-518-23: 12" Wide X 13" Deep (6 cells x 7 cells)
  • SKU# 707-518-280: 28" Wide X 20" Deep (15 cells x 11 cells)

Shipping Notice:

Due to The Roho Group’s policy, we are unable to ship Roho products outside the U.S. If you are interested in a Roho product and live outside the U.S, please contact The Roho Group directly at 800-851-3449, and they will assist you.