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H-Strap Belt for Footrests, fit 20" Wide Wheelchairs, Color Choice

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H-Strap Belt for Footrests, specifically designed for 20" Wide Wheelchairs, ensuring secure, adjustable mid-leg support and optimal positioning comfort.
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Footrest H-Strap Belt for 20" Wide Wheelchairs
Made with long-wearing web material. Prevents feet from falling behind footplates and causing serious pain or injury to the patient. Fits 20" wide wheelchairs. Easy attachment and removal with Velcro straps.
Padded: No
Size: 8" High (fits 20" wide wheelchairs)

(custom sizes available upon request)
Made With:
 2" Webbing and Velcro
Color Choice:
SKU# 196-301-92 White
SKU# 196-301-22 Red
SKU# 196-301-38 Yellow
SKU# 196-301-18 Navy
SKU# 196-301-69 Royal Blue
SKU# 196-301-52 Green

SKU# 196-301-42 Black
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*Item is for the H-Strap Belt ONLY, Does NOT include footrests.