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Flip Down Amputee Seats - Left - 1" Drop - Fixed - Quick Release for 1" Tubing

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Flip Down Amputee Seats are versatile solutions for accessibility, offering ease of use and comfort, ensuring inclusivity in seating arrangements.
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Flip Down Amputee Seats - Left - 1" Drop - Fixed - Quick Release for 1" Tubing

Made with Naugahyde, nylon, or mesh, 1 1/2" foam and 1/2" wood. Black, zinc-plated, stainless-steel drop hooks. Fits standard 18" adult wheelchair.


When ordering, please specify:
Proposed make of chair
Proposed model of chair
Width of chair
Armstyle (removable or fixed arms)
Length and side (right, left, or dual) of amputee pad
Specify left or right when sitting in the chair


SKU# 702-603-23 Naugahyde Mauve
SKU# 702-603-27 Naugahyde Burgundy
SKU# 702-603-44 Naugahyde Gray
SKU# 702-603-46 Naugahyde Black
SKU# 702-603-54 Naugahyde Dark Green
SKU# 702-603-57 Naugahyde Jade
SKU# 702-603-64 Naugahyde Light Blue
SKU# 702-603-67 Naugahyde Dark Blue
SKU# 702-603-68 Naugahyde Royal Blue
SKU# 702-603-82 Naugahyde Camel
SKU# 702-603-83 Naugahyde Nutmeg
SKU# 702-603-86 Naugahyde Dark Brown
SKU# 702-603-29 Nylon Red
SKU# 702-603-48 Nylon Black
SKU# 702-603-59 Nylon Green
SKU# 702-603-60 Nylon Royal Blue
SKU# 702-603-89 Nylon Dark Brown
SKU# 702-603-93 Nylon White