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Desk Length Arm Trough Attachment

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Desk Length Arm Trough Attachments offer ergonomic support, these attachments enhance comfort and functionality for users during wheelchair activities.
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Desk Length Armrest Trough

Made for Desk Length wheelchair arms. Aids in positioning of the person's arm in the wheelchair, helps keep the arm in place. Attach to armrest with existing armrest screws. Simply remove armrest and attach the Armrest Trough with the same screws.

Arm Style: Desk Length

Size: 9" long x 5" wide x 4" tall (custom sizes available upon request)

Made With: Naugahyde or Nylon Material, Foam, and Marine Plywood

Color Choice: Color Choice

SKU# 194-723 Naugahyde Mauve
SKU# 194-727 Naugahyde Burgundy
SKU# 194-744 Naugahyde Gray
SKU# 194-746 Naugahyde Black
SKU# 194-754 Naugahyde Dark Green
SKU# 194-757 Naugahyde Jade
SKU# 194-764 Naugahyde Light Blue
SKU# 194-767 Naugahyde Dark Blue
SKU# 194-768 Naugahyde Royal Blue
SKU# 194-782 Naugahyde Camel
SKU# 194-783 Naugahyde Nutmeg
SKU# 194-786 Naugahyde Dark Brown
SKU# 194-729 Nylon Red
SKU# 194-748 Nylon Black
SKU# 194-759 Nylon Green
SKU# 194-760 Nylon Royal Blue
SKU# 194-789 Nylon Dark Brown
SKU# 194-793 Nylon White

*Item is for the Arm Trough ONLY,
Does NOT include detachable arm.