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Clothing Guard, 19 3/8" x 6" Stainless Steel, Chrome

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Clothing Guards, 19 3/8" x 6" Stainless Steel, Chrome provide reliable protection, keeping clothing clean and free from snags while maximizing comfort.
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MRI Non-Magnetic Skirt / Clothing Guard for Desk Length Removable Arms on MRI Wheelchairs

This non-magnetic MRI desk length skirt guard is constructed entirely of non-ferrous materials, suitable for use in MRI rooms. All materials, including fasteners, are non-ferrous or special polymers.
MR Conditional to 3 Tesla
Replacement non-magnetic skirt/clothing guards for detachable desk length MRI wheelchair arms.
Included Mounting Hardware: 4 screws and 4 black plastic bushings
(only two bushings used, use taller bushings for heavy-duty chairs and thinner bushings for standard chairs)
discard extra bushings.
Type: Stainless Steel
Size: 19 3/8" Long x 6" High
Used For: Detachable Desk Length Arms on MRI Wheelchairs