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Bearing Set for Theradyne Wheelchair with 5/8" Axle On Rear Wheel

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Bearing Set for Theradyne Wheelchair, 5/8" Complete. Streamlined replacement for Rear, Front Wheels, and Fork Stems. Fits Theradyne and 5/8" rear axle chairs.
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5/8" Theradyne Wheelchair Bearing Set Complete

This wheelchair bearing set includes bearings for the Rear Wheels, Front Wheels, and Fork Stems, commonly fitting Theradyne chairs. It's also compatible with other chairs sharing the same size bearings. Opt for a complete replacement of all bearings for optimal wheelchair performance. These sets are designed to save you time when ordering, eliminating the need to order each bearing separately. Replace all bearings at once and save money with this set.

Commonly Fits:

Theradyne Wheelchairs with 5/8" rear axle

Kit Contains:

  • 2 ea 115-105
    • 5/8" ID x 1 3/8" OD with 1 1/2" Flange
    • Fits Rear Wheels
  • 2 ea 115-113
    • 7/16" ID x 29/32" OD with 1 1/16" Flange
    • Fits Front Wheels
  • 2 ea 115-117
    • 1/2" ID x 1 1/16" OD with 1 3/16" Flange
    • Fits Fork Stems

Use a BAS gauge to help measure your bearings (for SAE sizes only).